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Signature Treatments


King of Organika


Enjoy the ultimate relaxing experience with our King of Organika treatment which involves a calming full body aromatherapy massage and our unique Thai Herbal Poultice massage. The full body massage is an ultimate blend of relaxing massage techniques with effective stretching techniques found in traditional Thai massage. The unique Thai Herbal Poultice massage involves utilising a Thai herbal poultice which is full of organic herbs and firmly placing the poultices onto your muscles to help ease all tension and stress in your body. This treatment is highly restorative and the organic herbs from the poultice will aid in reducing aches and pains while also stimulating your circulation.

Queen of Organika

This restorative treatment is a combination of Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and Thai massage to bring you to the highest level of relaxation. This treatment involves a full body aromatherapy massage which will help promote stress relief and enhance vitality. Jade is believed to bring harmony and balance and hot Jade stones are used during this treatment in order to reach deeper muscle layers and to further enhance the effectiveness of the massage.


Siam Remedy


Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient practice which is known for its therapeutic benefits. This treatment showcases the healing properties of our Thai Heritage Massage and pairs it with a full body oil massage to help target your problem areas and provide a relaxing remedy for your aches and pains. This treatment will firstly involve our dry Thai Heritage Massage which uses deep and rhythmic pressing and stretching techniques loosening the muscles in your body to reduce any stiffness or muscle pain. After your body is relaxed, aromatic oils are applied and slow, deep strokes are used to target the affected areas of your body. This therapeutic treatment is designed to promote healing and reduce tension and pain in your body.

Tok Sen Therapy

toksen therapy.jpg

Enjoy a truly unique experience with our Tok Sen Therapy treatment which uses traditional Thai healing tools such as the Tok Sen hammer and wooden pegs, delivering targeted pressure and healing vibrations to your tired muscles. The techniques used in Tok Sen Therapy will help with energy blocks, muscle pain and poor circulation while also providing you with utter relief and healing.

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